Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Picture

One of my favorite, most anticipated events in the 'Christmas House' (when our entire family spends a week together under one roof) is the Christmas photo shoot.  When it's all done, we all happily post the finished products on social media so everybody can see our big, bustling family.  And that's so much fun. But what everybody doesn't see is the chaos that precedes the finished product. Fortunately Dan photographed the preparation a couple of years ago so I can share it now.

First, there's the gathering.
And I think what I love the most is the interaction between all these cousins and how cooperative they all are.

 Once everybody is present, the positioning starts and proceeds in stages.
 Oops.  Rearrangement already.

 The littles are last.

 And it's all starting to come together.
 Sure they might be a little tired of waiting.
 But because they are the best kids EVER, they keep waiting....and cooperating.

 Add the babies.
 Almost there.
 And BAM!!!!  The money shot.
Finally.  RELAX.
How lucky we are to have such awesome grands and great grands!!!  I'm already looking forward to this year's picture!!!

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