Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jeremy

And the third birthday in our trifecta of birthdays on June 26th is Jeremy's. Jeremy is our 9th grandchild and our 6th grandson. I first wrote about him on his birthday last year and you can read it here. Jeremy was born in 1999 so he's 12 years old today. Last night I did a short phone interview with him. Here's how it went.

Are you excited to be turning twelve tomorrow? Yeah, even though it means more responsibility.
How? I mean like more grown up chores like helping moor the boat and stuff.
What do you like best about turning twelve? The fact that I'm getting older.
Do you like school? It's not my favorite thing in the world but some subjects can be fun. I'd rather be out here camping and fishing like we are right now any day though.
What's your favorite subject and why? Science because you're learning about things deeper in the earth like the crust, mantle, and core. Science is actually a hard subject to define.
If you had to decide right now what you'll be when you grow up, what would it be? I'm not sure. Maybe a cook? I like to make general things like macaroni and pizza but I'm not up to the level where I could make a whole turkey or anything.
Are you active in any sports? Yeah. My baseball season just ended but I still have Fall Ball and next year to look forward to. In the meantime I will miss it though.
What's your favorite leisure activity? Fishing and biking in the woods. I haven't been hunting yet but I'm pretty sure that would be kind of fun, too.
I also like to play video games and my favorites are Army games like War.
Do you see yourself joining the military someday? No.
Are you doing anything special for your birthday? We're staying here at the campgrounds and having a party. I'm planning to teach Jack how to fish; and I'll play with my cousins, nephews, and aunts & uncles.
How do you like having so many cousins? I love it! Do you have a favorite? No, I like them all the same.

Do you like being such a young uncle? Yes. Does it seem unusual to you? Honestly, I think it is. It's not the rarest thing in the world but none of my friends are uncles yet. I do have a friend who is an aunt though.
What musical instrument do you play and do you think you might be a musician some day? I play the trumpet. I'm going to play it through high school and maybe join Marching Band or something like that.
What's your favorite holiday and why? The Fourth of July because it's not only the birthday of our country but we are always camping then and we ride around on golf carts and throw candy to anyone waiting for it.
What else is interesting about you that I've forgotten to ask about? I like looking over lakes and water because it's so peaceful and relaxing. Also, I'm more of an outdoorsman. My friend and I go exploring in the woods and bike riding and we even made our own bows once that really worked. Also I love animals - especially dogs.
In conclusion, we want to wish a very happy birthday to one of our most amazing, wonderful grandsons.
Happy Birthday, Jeremy. We hope it's the best one yet!


  1. awww, that was so good! I love the pictures! Happy Birthday, Jeremy!! We love you :)

  2. I'm so glad I FINALLY got to get on the computer and read his birthday post! I LOVE it even more than I thought I would! The pictures are crazy to look at, I just keep looking at them over and over again and the interview was too much fun. He had the best birthday with all of you coming out and sharing it with us, thanks so much!


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