Monday, November 21, 2011


Years ago I started a little tradition. At the time I didn't realize it was going to be a tradition but it has become one.

I think the tradition was born of the fact that so many of our children live far away so each time they left we knew it might be a while before we saw them. Therefore I would take a family picture.

Over the years, this has probably been a slight source of irritation to everybody because when you're finally ready to walk out the door or get everybody loaded into the car, who wants to stop for pictures. But everyone has been very patient and cooperative about it so it has become a family tradition...and I'm glad.

A few years ago I took a picture of my granddaughter Amber and her new boyfriend when it became obvious he was going to be more than a boyfriend.

Doesn't she look happy!!! And that happy picture was just a portent of things to come because I took their picture before they left last weekend and look how they've changed!

And then years and years ago I took this picture of Beth and Brian and their sweet baby before they left.

I distinctly remember that night and that moment because it was while we were out there to take the picture, Beth told me that another sweet baby was already on the way.

And just last weekend I took a picture of Beth and Brian and their family. Just look how they've changed!

The good news is that given more time, I could produce milestone pictures of every family within our family - all because they're so patient with a mom who, even though unknowingly, has been working on a tradition!


  1. I love it! It's fun to see the kids change and grow!

  2. So cute! and they all make such beautiful babies! Nice tradition! (especially since the trend will slowly be more and more great-grandbabies!)

  3. Oh thanks, Mom! You have to go and get me choked My goodness, I love this picture and the changes the families have made. I have never really thought about how this has become a tradition, but you're surely has become one and one that I'm glad that has developed!

  4. I think that is a wonderful tradition. Think of how they will be able to look back many years from now when it is their own grandkids that were being photographed. Amy is already getting that pleasure.


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