Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Squirrels - They're Not Cute and I Don't Like Them

If you were to just look at these pictures, you might think that squirrels have a certain endearing, curious, and funny quality.  But if you look at the pictures and think about the birds that they chase off and the food that they scatter all over the ground and the feeders they've destroyed, then the pictures have a more irritating, infuriating, and just plain unpleasant quality.  And that's how I look at them.

We bought this feeder last year guaranteed to keep squirrels out but it sure didn't keep the squirrels from trying.  Here are about 3 minutes in the life of this squirrel.

 Finally, he's defeated - but as you can see by the last picture, he's not giving up.
Squirrels - I don't want them to die.  I just want them to live somewhere else.  UGH!!!


  1. They are awful! He sure was trying hard, that big old jerk!!!!


  2. Amen!! That was a GREAT post!!


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