Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Odd Ducks of Seminole County

In all of our 47 years of marriage we didn't know that going to Florida in the winter was a good idea. This year, through a stroke of luck and a good friend, we got to try it out and it's been wonderful. There's a different feeling here and everybody seems a little happier than they do up North.  It's hard to believe we'd been here almost three weeks before I thought to photograph the ducks that reside in the pond which is a focal point for all the buildings.  But finally, on the 20th, I ventured out and learned not only that the ducks are very pretty, but that they're very weird too.

Here's weird:  They have a beautiful, huge natural pond to swim in, yet:

 Here's pretty:

 Here's weird:  When they swim along, they pump their necks as if it helps them hurry.

 I watched as this guy pumped along because it was pretty obvious that he meant to attack his drabber cousins, the mallards.

 But to my surprise,  he swam right through his cousins' party.
 And headed for more of his own kind.
 Whitehead was eager to greet him.
 But he had his eye on the 'chick' who looked most like him.

  After a brief moment of shyness,
 The pumped off together
 In unison.

 Which was more than their drab cousin could stomach.

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