Saturday, July 18, 2015

Zachary Garrett

Zachary shares the 3 way June 26th birthday in our family.  He was born in the morning but not as early as Jeremy so he gets the second interview and blog post as I slowly but surely catch up with important family events that need to be recorded.
Zachary is our 17th grandchild and our 10th grandson.
He's an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller, large family.
Earlier today I conducted a phone interview with Zachary.  Here's how it went!  Hi Zachary!  I hear you just finished a vacation in Myrtle Beach.  Yeah. What did you do there?   I liked to go boogie boarding and play games.  Did you see any sharks?  No, but Katie got stung by a jelly fish.  Oh no!  Is she okay?  Yeah, you can't see it and it was a couple of days ago.
Can you believe I'm so late doing your birthday interview?  You don't mind do you?  No
What was your favorite part of your birthday?  Does it have to be my favorite part?  Can it just be the whole thing?   Yes!  It can be the whole thing!
What was your favorite present?  My Ipad!

Do you like having older brothers and an older sister?    Yeah  Why?  Uh, I don't know.  They help you with things a lot don't they?  Uh huh.
What do you think you'll like best about being 7?  I don't know.  You can go on more rides.
What do you want to be when you grow up?   A veterinarian  Why?  Because I like animals.
I hear you got to go on the field at a Nationals game and you got to high five the players when they came out and that you were on the big screen.  Was that fun?  Yeah!    What was the best part?  High five-ing the players.
Why do you like being in Scouts?    You can do projects and get to do fun stuff.
 I'm the second level when you have to do more stuff.
Did you like spending the Christmas holiday in Gulf Shores last year?  Yeah. What did you like best about it?   I don't know.  I liked all the stuff!
What's your favorite sport?  I like all the sports.    Which are you best at?  I'm the best at soccer.  But you like basketball too right?  Yeah I'm good at that too.  I'm good at a lot of stuff.

What can you tell us about yourself that we haven't talked about?   I like playing outside and playing with my friends and running (and he's fast) and riding my bike and scooter.
 And I like swimming and playing sports.  I'm a good worker and I like helping my dad.  

And I like animals.  What's your favorite animal?  I don't have a favorite. 
 My favorite color is blue and I'm going into second grade.  Are you excited to go in second grade?  Yeah
And that was the end of our interview.  But there's lots more I could tell you about Zachary.  He very smart and very athletic!  He doesn't miss a thing and he's always ready for a new adventure.  He's interested in Science and he's already a very good reader.  And most importantly he's a sweet, respectful, considerate and loving boy!  We couldn't be more proud of him and we're wishing him an awesome year with lots of sports and running and fun!!

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