Saturday, October 31, 2015

Aubrey Lynn

Wednesday was Aubrey's 4th birthday!
She is our 3rd great grandchild and our very first great granddaughter!
Aubrey is an important part of this large family.
 and an important part of this smaller, large family.
 and an even more important part of this even smaller, but still large, family.
So yesterday I conducted a little phone interview with Aubrey.  Here's how it went:
Hi Aubrey!  Hi Grandma!
Did you have a happy birthday?  Yes
How old are you now?  4 
Wow that's getting big isn't it?  Yeah
Did you do anything special for your birthday?  Yes
What did you do.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese's
Was that fun?  Yes  What did you like best about it?  I was sitting in a car and Chuck E. Cheese was sitting next to me.
Did everybody sing happy birthday to you?  Yeah
Did you get a present?  We're going to Toys R Us to pick out a present tonight.
Do you know what kind of present you're going to pick out?  Mommy and Daddy are going to get me some Barbies.
Do you like having 3 brothers?  Yes
What's best about it?  At bedtime Daddy always reads Jack and Dane's library books to us.
How do you like having a little sister?  Ummm.  A lot.
Are you a good helper for Mommy?  Yeah
What do you do?  Ummm, I help her take care of Emma.
What's your favorite color?  Pink..... and Purple.
What's your favorite animal?  Polar Bear
Why do you like it best?  Because I have a stuffed animal polar bear.
What's your favorite game to play?  I like playing catch with Wade.
Do you feel older and bigger now that you're four?  Yes I do feel bigger but I don't feel older.
Is there anything else you can tell us that we haven't talked about?  Yes....ummmmmm...I can sing. 
 What else?  I like Flokie!  (Flokie is the family dog.)
And I like to have Mommy fix my hair.

And that pretty well concluded our interview.  But, as usual, there are lots more things I'd love to say about Aubrey.  She's one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving little girls you could ever know.  She's helpful to her Daddy.
She helps her grandma by feeding the fish.
She's protective and loving to her little sister.  And really does help Mommy take care of her.
She does love to play with Wade.
And she's smart, generous, and just a little bit shy.
So we know she had a great birthday and we're looking forward to our own celebration with her very soon.   And of course we're wishing our beautiful great granddaughter a year filled with growth, happiness, and love!
Happy Birthday, Aubrey.....just a little late.
(And as usual the most beautiful pictures were either staged or taken by Beth Fletcher Photography)

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  1. Oh my, she is such a little sweetie. You are so very blessed with your amazing family.


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