Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sandhill Cranes

I love sandhill cranes and one of the perks of being here in Florida is that we get to see a lot of them and they are definitely a big reason why I take my camera with me on the golf course.

And they are especially entertaining when they are 'dancing.

I know it kind of looks like they're bickering or fighting but a few seconds later they settle back into their compatible routine.  And whatever they're doing I have always thought they were some of the neatest birds in the world.  But, come to find out, there's a bird that's even cooler.
The baby sandhill crane.  Oh my goodness!  I happened to have my camera in my hand after photographing him.
And turned around and saw them.

Seriously.  Could they be any cuter?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those little ones are SO CUTE! There is a soft spot in me for little fuzzy animals! Great pictures :)


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