Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Today is Wade's 4th birthday!
Wade is an important part of this very large family
And an important part of this smaller large family
and a very important part of this even smaller but large family
I wrote about Wade on his birthday last year in this blog post:  2016.  And that post has links to his previous posts and they all tell a lot about Wade through the years and show in pictures how he's changed since he was born.
So I'll just show a few pictures here.

And now I want to talk about what's been going on in Wade's life during the previous year!  The biggest change?  He became a big brother for the second time but for the first time he has a little brother!
And he's been busy learning his ABC's and how to count because next year he'll be going to preschool!
He's still very strong.
and athletic

He always has been and still is a real thinker
And he's inherited his mother's ability to hear a song once and then be able to sing it.  But more importantly he's sensitive and sweet.  When he went to bed last night for the last time as a three-year-old, Amber sang him a sweet little song that she learned as a child.  When she asked if he wanted her to sing it again, the other boys said no because it was boring but Wade put his little hands on both his mother's cheeks and asked her to sing it again.
And although he's learning to maneuver in the water better and better all the time, he's still more comfortable staying close to Dad when he's in the big lake.

But he's fearless and brave even with a nerf dart on his forehead.
Ultimately Wade is truly one of the sweetest, smartest, and most loving little boys I've ever known and I've known lots of them.  He's trusting and helpful and kind.  We could not be more proud of him or love him more and we're wishing him his happiest birthday ever but one only half as great as the many more to come.  Happy Birthday, Wade!

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