Monday, August 7, 2017


Today is Chris' Birthday!
Chris is married to our first grandchild, Amber, and therefore is our very first grandson-in-law.
He is an important part of this large family,
an important part of this smaller but still large family,
and of course an important part of this even smaller, but still large and very beautiful family
I wrote about Chris on his birthday last year and visiting this site will show you links to all his previous posts.  And in them you'll find lots of stories and pictures of Chris through the years so I'll just post a few here

and talk a little about what's been going on in his life for the past year.  First and foremost, Knox, who was born in October.

And then the new vehicle to accommodate a family this size and then another one that they like even better.
But the second biggest event in Chris' life this year is somewhat all encompassing.  He was put in charge of a large project at work that consumes his thoughts and efforts.  I have to say whoever is in charge at that place is incredibly smart because there is nobody that could do a better job or would do a more conscientious job than Chris!  He works lots of hours and that might cut into the visits we might get to enjoy with him but it's okay because we're so proud of him and his work ethic.  
But Chris is also smart, kind, has a great sense of humor, and is a wonderful husband and father.  He never passes up an opportunity to teach the kids something and here he is guiding them in observing nature.  And these kids?  They see so much and spot so many anomalies that I can hardly believe it and this has to be the reason why.

So Happy Birthday, Chris!  We love you and hope you're having a wonderful day 'up north' and that the coming year is your best one EVER!  

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