Thursday, August 9, 2018


Today is Marcus' birthday!
Marcus is married to our first child, Lori.
 He's a very important part of our very large family
and a very important part of this wonderful family.
I wrote about Marcus in this post last year on his birthday; and clicking on that link will take you to links to all his other posts.  Those posts tell a lot about Marcus and show how he's changed 'through the years' so I'll just post a few pictures here.

and talk a little bit about Marcus.
He's still working at the radio station and still helping out at the Pella Tulip Festival.
He still visits Gulf Shores over the Christmas holidays with our large family.
He's still an awesome stepdad to Emily
and Jared and Ryan
and still a devoted husband to Lori
 and he still loves them all like crazy.  But most importantly Marcus is still one of the best people I've ever known.
He's kind, sweet, agreeable, helpful, wise and loving.  He loves to have a good time but he never goes overboard.  He's patient and cheerful and a wonderful person to be around.  We are blessed to be able to call him part of our family and we appreciate him everyday.   So Marcus we're hoping you're having a wonderful birthday but that it's only half as wonderful as the many more ahead!  Happy Birthday!  We love you!

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