Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Knox's 2nd

Monday was Knox's second birthday!
Knox was our 6th great grandchild and 4th great grandson!
He's a very important part of this very large family,
this smaller but still large family,
and this even smaller but still large and very beautiful family!
I wrote about Knox on his first birthday last year in this post.  If you click on the link, you'll find more pictures and some stories about how he'd changed since he was born so I'll just post a few pictures here

and talk about what he's been up to this past year.
 His first big event after his birthday last year was Thanksgiving and a visit to Michigan City.  And visits to Michigan City entail traditional family pictures before leave taking.  Knox had to really stretch to be seen over his brothers and sisters in this photo.
Right after Thanksgiving came Christmas
followed by the traditional visit to Gulf Shores with all the extended family!
and the visit to Gator Alley Farm where he held an alligator for the first time.
and where he loved being entertained by his cousins - especially Eli!
In April the family visited Splash Universe and Knox enjoyed his favorite parts of the whole experience - Mom
 and Dad!
and in May he and his siblings visited the Hands On Museum.  You might think someone under 2 would not enjoy it much but Knox is way too interested in everything to not appreciate such a wondrous place.

but evidently nothing was more fun than the selfies.
Now the trip to Dad's workplace might not have been as fun for him
but I think he was just disgruntled that he didn't get a vest.
And in June they went Up North with Chris' mom and stepdad.
and he was as excited as everybody else when the family bought a new camper
and took their first camping trip where there was actually trick or treating.
So that about sum's up Knox's year but there's lots more to say about him.  He's a smart, fun, adventurous, friendly, and sweet boy!
He likes playing with cars and trucks and toy animals.
He loves real animals,

babies smaller than him,

and hugs from his sister
or even better - from everybody!
And he does a very fine job of balancing things on his head.

and giving high fives.

He's a great talker, a wonderful singer, and he's not a bit fussy about food!  All in all Knox is a just-about-perfect little boy!  We love him so much and we're hoping he had a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead is even more fun and exciting than his last!  Happy Birthday, Knox!  We love you!

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