Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Hurray! I'm finally doing it! I'm glad I'm doing it and I think it's important that I'm doing it. I have a lot of unimportant thoughts about a myriad of uninteresting things that I need to put down in black and white. Otherwise I might bore my family and friends with them.

What's the impetus in my finally doing it now? It's my wonderful, blogger daughter. She's hosting a photo thing and I want to participate. Now I have to figure out where to go from here.

That's the thing about being in the sixties. What used to seem so easy has gotten a lot more complicated. I've always considered myself a fairly up-to-date 62 year old. After all I have a computer that I really connect with and I've figured out digital photography at least on a basic and very amatuerish level and I can email and file and write documents. But all of a sudden....YIKES! There are blackberries and iphones and ipods and complicated, advanced things that almost seem like too much effort to address.

But I'm 62 and I'm taking another step into the world of internet communications and I feel good about that. And now I have a place to write down all my unimportant, uninteresting thoughts. And I feel very good about that....because somewhere out there somebody might find them interesting and maybe even important. If not, I've got a diary. And that's good too.


  1. well, I think this is a perfect idea. You're thoughts are rarely unimportant or uninteresting and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what you put down in black or white...via blackberries, Itouch or even just a plain old desktop pc :)

    What are those people called that follow blogs??? I just might become one! (or try my hardest)

  2. This is great!! I wish I could talk my mom into blogging.

  3. Okay, when I saw your blog title, I thought the hippie was coming out in you and you were going to blog about the 60s, as in 1960s! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd have never guessed YOU were in your 60s. SMFD. I had you pegged for 37, for sure.

    Love your blog and can't wait to keep up with you!! You are the coolest mom I know!

  4. Holy cow! I can't believe you have a blog and I didn't know about it!!!

    I've only read your first post and I LOVE it! You're such a fantastic writer. I'm thrilled I get to see more of it! Oh, and I glanced at your fish pictures and they are amazing! Truly, the fish look like they're floating in air. Very nicely done!

  5. Welcome to the blogesphere! You will love blogging. I started almost 2 years ago and have met so many wonderful blogger friends. I adore your daughter and am so glad there are a lot of mother/daughter bloggers out there. Enjoy your journey and I know you will have no regrets. You are never too old to learn new things..


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