Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mary and This Guy and Glasses

About fourteen months ago I visited my Optometrist of 40 + years to get new glasses and contacts. Seriously, I've been going to this guy since I got out of high school and he was brand new in town, and I've always just loved him.

Recently he was bought out by Midwest Eye Consultants, but continued to work for them on a part time basis just because he loves what he does and out of loyalty to longtime patients like me.

So, back to fourteen months ago. The eye exam seemed to be the same as always and my doctor was just as thorough and affable as he's always been. But when it came time to pick out new frames, everything fell apart. The person who'd always helped me previously and who I loved, was now working for another eye doctor and the person who took her place was the root of all my unhappiness.

He started out by telling me all about how he'd been doing this for many years (he named a number but I don't remember what it was) so he guessed he knew what he was doing. Then he picked out a pair of red frames for me. They probably were the best ones for me but they weren't me if you get my drift. I'm just not a red frame kind of person. When I described to him what I wanted, he seemed to become very condescending and superior and aloof. My read in his attitude was that I was old and bordering on senility so he'd just have to let me have my way and make all kinds of stupid mistakes.

I tried to get opinions from the receptionist when the superior glasses guy didn't have any and even she couldn't tell me if this pair or that pair looked better. Finally I used my faulty taste and complete lack of fashion sense to choose the wrong glasses.

It took twice as long to get them as they said it would even though I told them I was in a huge rush. Later on I found out that the frames that Mr. Condescending let me pick out took longer because they had to come from a completely different company than the one that made the glasses. That would have been useful information up front.

Then, I never liked them. Never. And I don't THINK anyone else did either. At least no one said they did. Then, after I'd had them about 6 or 8 months, they broke - right between the lenses.

I vowed never to go back to that office but today I did. I thought it would be prudent to see my same Optometrist who knew my history and I was hopeful they'd send me home with a pair of contacts to wear on the plant tour where my husband works on Saturday.

My appointment was today and so far so great! My Optometrist was as great as ever. The girl who helped me pick out frames was lovely AND helpful. (I found out that Mr. Condescending got fired.) Everything was professional and seamless. So far I'm glad I went back. I do have a pair of contracts to try and I'm excited to get my new glasses. But I won't know if I'll love them for at least two weeks. That's about how long they're going to take.

I'm optimistic. Oh, and the frames that I picked out last time? They're well known for breaking - especially right between the lenses. Thanks again, Mr..... well, you know the drill.


  1. I've known the first part of the story for awhile and it always makes me mad. I'm so glad that you went back and even happier that Mr. Know-it-all got fired. He sounded like such a jerk! I'm excited to see your new glasses!!

  2. Well, I think you got your justice when that ‘Mr. Condescending’ got fired. While it’s mean to think of it as a good thing, it seems that what happened was beneficial to almost everyone in the center – including loyal patients like you. Anyway, it’s good to hear that everything is going great again. Good day!

    Audrey Mack @ Find Clarity Vision


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