Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Emily

Last year on this date I wrote a post about sweet little Emily Elizabeth. This year I did a phone interview with sweet, a little bigger Emily and I enjoyed every minute of it. Here it is, complete with pictures in completely random order!

So, Emily, are you excited to be turning 14? Not that much, but I guess I kind of am.
Why? Because I've been 13 for too long and I'm tired of it!
What was the worst thing about being 13? The fact that I wasn't 14!And what do you think will be the best thing about being 14? Learner's permit.
(Really, they can get there learner's permits at 14 in her state?!!!)

Do you like school? Ummmmm, kind of.
What are your favorite subjects? Art and Communications.
And your favorite sport? Definitely, volleyball.
You're in track now? Yes, but I don't like it.
Why not? I fell over two hurdles yesterday.
What's your favorite pastime?
Hanging out with my friends.
What do you want to be when your grow up? An Orthodontist.

How do you like being the only girl in your family AND having two older brothers? Ummm. It's not that bad I guess. I don't really know what I think of that. I'm used to it. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a sister but I really don't mind having two brothers.
Who do you feel closest to in your family? Definitely my mom.
Do you have a favorite cousin? Katie
What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
Why? Presents... and I get to see all of my family and stuff!Would you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista? And, if so, why? Ummm yeah 'cause I'm obsessed with clothes and buying clothes and wearing clothes and putting outfits togethers.
What else can you tell me about yourself that I've forgotten to ask about?
I love going to the mall. I like animals and my favorites are horses. My favorite color is probably hot pink. And Lurlene McDaniel is my favorite author.
So you enjoy reading? I only like reading good books.
So Emily, here's wishing you a very happy birthday and hoping that 14 is your best age yet!


  1. this is so awesome, and she is too. I love the pictures!! Fourteen years just flies by. Happy Birthday, Emily!!

  2. Ahhhhh, it seems just like yesterday I was down in Evansville waiting for little baby Emily to be born. It was so exciting. I loved looking back at some of the little pictures, what a cutie pie! I just can't believe she's 14! and a drivers permits?? wth?? man oh man. Great job on the post, as usual, loved the interview! Happy Birthday, Dear Emily!!! We love you bunches!


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