Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emily Elizabeth

In early May of 1997, Mr Right and I were enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. We were in Hawaii to welcome our 5th grandchild. Firstborn Army Guy and his wife were expecting their second child and we were there to be the caretakers for their first while they spent a lot of time at the hospital with the birth.

It was an exciting time because three weeks after our fifth grandchild was due, our sixth grandchild was due in Evansville IN. The plan was that we'd be home in plenty of time to welcome her too.

But, as we all know, the best laid plans........... And all of a sudden we got word that the sixth had become the fifth.

Emily was born late in the evening of May 5th with her Aunt Beth and Uncle Brian, and her Aunt Amy and cousin Amber in Evansville to welcome her..but no Grandma and Grandpa H.

After we returned from Hawaii, Mr. Right and I hurried to Evansville to introduce ourselves to her and I was able to spend about a week with them which helped make up for the fact that I missed the birth.

Emily was an adorable child but just like she was in a hurry to be born, she's been in kind of a hurry ever since. Every time I turn around, she's grown up a little (really a lot) more. The first time I thought, Wow! Who is that young lady, she looked like this:

And I knew that Emily, the baby had moved on.

She's a child that loves her cousins (especially one):

And fashion:

And performing:

And she's always loved getting clothes for birthdays and Christmas:

Our little, suddenly 13-year-old Emily is a family treasure. She's cheerful, agreeable, and fun-loving. She loves to be involved in all family activities and she's proud of and loves her two older brothers.

To our sorrow Emily lives about nine hours away in Waverly, Nebraska so we never get to see enough of her but every time we do, she brings smiles to our faces.

So, Emily, Happy 13th Birthday. We love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday Emily! You sound like a lovely young lady. I hope you know how lucky you are to have this very special lady for your grandma.

  2. Happy Birthday Emily! You're a wonderful girl and I hope you're having the BEST birthday EVER!!! Great pictures, Mom!!

  3. I loved this little recap of her!! Thank you for taking the time and thought for writing it! She had a GREAT day, and her birthday cake was DE-LISH. (no i didn't make it) lol.

    Lori (Emily's mother)

  4. Happy birthday, Emily! She's gorgeous!


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