Sunday, May 23, 2010

Terror At Striebel Pond, Part 2

Yesterday I showed the angry swan motivating across the water with determination and purpose. Today you'll see more about that purpose and I'll bet you won't like it.

Yep, he was after the geese. Now most of us aren't big fans of geese. They're raucous, bold, and inconsiderate. Most unpleasant of all, there are no equivalents to this for geese:

And even if there were, there are no conscientious goose owners going around picking up the goose doo. These guys (the geese) have really made a mess of our walking path in places. We look like we're playing hopscotch when we're just trying to walk or jog for our exercise.

So I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the geese. After all the swan was just being territorial, right? But no matter which way the geese went, the swan was all over both of them. Then I realized the geese seemed to be trying to get to the right.

And then I saw why. Further, I realized that the geese being pursued were Mr. Stare-A-Lot and his wife; and, the kids were huddled (well not huddled - maybe standing) in fear on the shore.

Once again, I don't have empathy for geese. But I do care about moms and dads just trying to keep their family together. And suddenly the whole situation seemed more dramatic.

Tomorrow you'll see just how frantic things can get and where the geese got a little unexpected help.


  1. Don't keep us hanging too long. This is a great story.

  2. Yeah... who knew we'd have to suffer through a cliffhanger! :-)

  3. oh my...mixed emotions for sure. We almost got attacked when I went to pickup the dress for the wedding...we think Momma goose was looking to lay her eggs!

  4. Yeah, mixed emotions on this one. I feel bad for the babies. ...looking forward to the next installment.


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