Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shrinking Jeans - 21 Day Challenge #2

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

After one week I'm happy to say that I've:

Gotten 6 1/2 hours sleep every night except last night when Mr. Right didn't get home from work until 11:30 and I had an early morning dentist appt.

Exercised at least 1/2 hour every day which means more like 35 to 40 minutes because I always walk 2 miles. The difference at the end of the week is that I'm walking AS FAST AS I CAN! and that's a whole different ballgame than just walking 2 miles. When I'm done I feel like I've really done something. With perseverance I hope to be jogging and then running soon.

And most importantly, I've consistently eaten regular food, only less of it, and continued to count my points. Boy, I hit a really rough spot at the end of last week when for some reason I started binging on spaghetti. And I kept it up until all my leftover spaghetti was gone. But, because of the Sisterhood, I sucked it up and did my best to honestly tally and record the points that I had consumed. Although it was really bad, it was reassuring to see that all was not lost. I was only 3 1/2 points over for the week and since last Wednesday at this time, I've lost 1.6 lbs.

I want to say thank you to the Sisterhood for keeping me on track. Without it's help and the new habits that I'm trying to be accountable for, I would have fallen off the wagon in about 3 different ways last week.

I'm going into next week with my new habits and resolve to continue intact!


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! I love the Sisterhood!

  2. Congrats on the weightloss Mary! You can conquer that spagetti!

  3. YAY!!!!! Great Job! everyone slips a little & it obviously didn't hurt :) Keep it up-we've started only having leftovers 2x then freezing or tossing the rest to keep the temptation @ bay :)

  4. woot!! congrats on the weight loss. those goals will get easier and easier. :)

  5. That's awesome, Mrs. H.!! I'm so proud of you for sticking with your new habits. Getting in the swing of counting points is tough in the beginning, but then it's just like second nature after awhile. Way to go on all the walking! You should check out Jeff Galloway's books on running. He talks a lot about older people and running, and his run/walk method is supposed to help you avoid injuries. Also, Nancy Clark is a sports nutritionist and has a great book about nutrition for beginner runners. I'm reading it right now, and I love it!

    Hope you have an amazing week!! xoxoxo

  6. That is just fantastic! Terrific job!!

  7. YAY!! Good for you, Mary! That's awesome!


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