Saturday, May 22, 2010

Terror At Striebel Pond

I walked at Striebel Pond Wednesday When I first got there, I took a series of pictures of the swan family near the south side of the double ponds.

They seemed fine really although one of them appeared to be a little agitated by a pair of ducks swimming nearby. This picture was taken from the south at 5:30.

At 5:38, I was attracted by the light shimmering on the water and I shot this photo from a bridge on the east side of the pond. Once again all appeared quiet.

The path is a figure eight and the two loops are ponds separated by another bridge. As I walked across this divider and had crossed the midpoint bridge by about 40 feet, I heard a huge commotion to the west. And there he was. The male (I think) swan was heading my way in a big hurry.

This is a really long story and I just decided I'm going to turn it into a small series. There are just too many pictures and too long of a story to put it all in one so I'll continue it tomorrow.

Just know that this big guy crossed the pond in less than eight seconds. In a way, that seems long but when you consider he had to travel over a quarter of a mile, it's pretty fast.

Tomorrow, you'll be a little bit horrified to see what he was after. I know I was.

(And don't forget, double-clicking on each photo will show a lot more than just these small images.)


  1. Love the pics. The last one, where you can see his reflection and his toes curled is awesome.

  2. I'm getting a little worried about you. Your last two posts have had terror in the title. You didn't miss much at the market today. All I bought was some large cherry jelly beans and some blueberry jam.

  3. Wow... I'm intrigued to see what he was after!

  4. oh how scary....I'm curious to see where he was headed!

  5. 4/22/2010 Male Mute Swan protected pond from three interloping smaller swans(unknown breed).. Very aggressive at protecting his turf.

    5/22/2010 Swan family for 2010 statrt with SIX signets 3 light/three dark.
    Good luck guys.


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