Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! What a busy weekend it's been!

And here are some of the highlights.

Trey our five month old grandson from Louisville KY visited. He got straight squash (not mixed in cereal) for the first time and loved it so much that he was grabbing for the spoon on the way to his mouth.

His brother, Ethan and his cousin, Noah played Nintendo in the playroom in their Amish hats. They look so cute that I'm thinking we should all become Amish.

Mr. Right and a couple of his sons-in-law got to go golfing Saturday afternoon and I think they all had a good time.

While at home, the kids played a game where they threw their shoes in the air and Noah's got caught in a tree. Ethan ran in to tell the tale but forgot to put his shoes on first so he was incriminated right away. Here's Sarah retrieving the shoe. I wish I could have gotten the shot where she was looking up and all four kids were pointing at it.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a cookout at Beth and Brian's. The kids played in the sprinkler.

And ate S'mores that Mike made in the house because all the coals went out on the fire and we were out of charcoal.

And the grownups and babies kind of chilled outside in the very pleasant weather.

Everybody left today. I had a hard time getting Trey to look at me for the family good-bye picture......
But after a great deal of effort I got his attention and he looked right at me. So did Mary, Ethan, and Sarah......
I'm gonna have to give Mike the business about that one.

Jack was so cute and Grammy-loving while he was here. I think he remembers when they stayed here for those few weeks because he definitely wanted all of my attention.

All he wanted to do was sit on my lap and when Amber tried to take him, he waved bye-bye to HER. LOL Amber's Grammy loved it of course and Amber just thought it was cute. Finally he was ready to go:

We've had lots of storms in the area today.

When I saw it was going to storm here, I took a couple pictures of my unusually beautiful-this-year peonies.

Now they look more like this:

And some of the smaller ones and older blooms even look like this:

And the pond that we're going to be working on this week now has lots of water in it again. But we need rain so I have to appreciate that we got some.

Now it's time to think about getting back to my walking, my diet, and that doggone big pond.


  1. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad you had fun!

  2. I love all of the pictures and seeing everything I missed. It looks like you all had such a great time. I'm sorry I missed it all. Your peonies are so spectacular. Really, just unbelievable, it's stinks so bad that the storm had to come in and ruin them like that.

  3. everyone looks soooo great! I'm happy the visit was nice and the kids all look so happy :)

    I can't believe how old Jack, Eli and Trey look!!

  4. You did such a good job capturing the highlights of the weekend. Hopefully there's photographic evidence that you were there, too. :) Great pictures!

    By the way, we all had so much fun during our visit! We can't wait until next time!!!

  5. Three years I've had a peony plant that doesn't bloom...a little internet research assured me this wasn't unusual but I must say I have serious peony envy :)
    Your blooms are beautiful!

    (Wonderful family pictures too...I just can't help the flower obsession.)


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