Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shrinking Days Of Summer - Week 1

Whew! Thanks Shrinking Days of Summer:

That was a close one.

I had the best weekend. Good times, good family, and yes good food - lots of it. Going into the weekend, I intended to stick to the good habits I was trying to form, but it didn't take long for all my good intentions to unravel.

I didn't have time to walk. Not on Friday or Saturday or Sunday. Monday night after everyone had left and Mr. Right was home from work, he said rather incredulously, "Aren't you going to walk?" Normally I don't take kindly to his helping me in my weight loss effort but this time it made me stop and think. I'd spent the day eating what I wanted even though everyone had left by noon. I guess I just thought the ENTIRE weekend should be a wash so I happily, no guiltily, ate my awesome mayonnaise potato salad and macaroni salad and Oreo cookies and whatever else was left over - all day long. I used all my Weight Watchers flex points on the first day of my Weight Watchers week.

For the weekend, I'd rationalized that when I reach my goal weight and my life returns to maintaining that weight, there will be holiday weekends and I will make my mayonnaise potato salad that I love so much and I will eat it. I'll have brats and desserts with my family and I won't take precious time away from being with them to go walk alone at Striebel Pond. This is how real life will be and I'll just have to learn to adjust to it. It sounded so good to me that I allowed myself free reign to eat anything and everything and to forgo exercising.

And, you know what. I still believe all that. It's just that I didn't transition very well from company behavior to dieting behavior.

So, Monday night, thanks to Mr. Right, I walked 3.75 miles while vowing to start all over on the walking-every-day-for-21-days habit. And Tuesday I stepped on the scale. Whoa! Ouch! And my overriding thought was that tomorrow I have to do my Shrinking Jeans weigh in and admit that I gained this weight.

So I checked out the mini challenge and started drinking water. I stuck to my points like glue. And after I did my quick 3.5 mile walk, I worked hard on my water garden re-do. All of this while hoping against hope that I wouldn't have to post a shrinking jeans gain. Yep. Being accountable to the Sisterhood most definitely got me back on track.

And somehow, miraculously, today I can say that I weigh .4 of a pound less than I did a week ago at this time. And I'm so grateful that I'm vowing not to look this gift horse in the mouth. I can't imagine how great I'd do if I kept up this effort all week.

Maybe I'll find out.


  1. woohoo....the walking and water did help! way to go Mary! I'm up a bit, didn't get my walking in! Tisk tisk!

  2. Drinking water certainly helps! Congrats on the loss and thanks for the reminder!

  3. You lost twice as much as Beth! :-)

    Don't tell her I said that...

    When dieting as you are, I think any loss is great. And after a holiday weekend, I'd be thrilled even to see no change. It's proof that you CAN eat healthy and enjoy yourself once in a while. You just can't make a habit of eating/relaxing like it's a holiday weekend. Keep up the good work!

  4. I can't wait to see how much you lose next week! Good luck!

  5. I tend to be offensive whenever my husband suggests I do anything toward goals I've set. I need to learn to accept his suggestions as kindness and motivation.

    It's nice to meet you and happy "shrinking" to you!


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