Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Capture - Fun

I knew right away this You Capture wasn't for me. I mean I'm happy and everything and I have fun ranting about how much I don't like the fact that baseball is ruled by human beings (umpires) but it's not something you can take a picture of. So I thought about my grandchildren and that's fun but guess what, I haven't seen any of them during this assignment period.

So today, I walked at Striebel Pond which is my wont. As I got out of the car with my camera on my shoulder, I thought I ought to just leave it in the car because I can't see a single thing worth taking pictures of.

And then I started to have fun because it's really fun when you think there won't be anything to photograph and you capture this:

And then it's fun when you're trying to take a picture of a subject and you get two subjects - like this:

I was trying to get a picture of a pied billed grebe. They're a blast because they're shy and when you stop and look at them, they duck under water for the longest time. So I was waiting for him to surface when this guy flew by and I captured him.

Finally the grebe had to surface and I got him too.

And I'm always trying to get photos of the terns that frequent Striebel Pond but they're always flying so it's a little harder. But today, one of them was resting with the rest of the preeners. He's the short white guy with the black hat and orange lips.

It was fun watching one of the adult swans telling the kids to line up:

And then watching them obey:

It was fun photographing the great blue heron with the great white heron (egret) in the background. (I thought herons were so territorial.)

And it was fun spotting and capturing these beautiful purple flowers - with one type being quite a bit more beautiful -

Than the other -

Oh and there was one more fun thing going on. I noticed from a distance that every once in awhile there'd be a great deal of splashing going on around the gang of ducks, egret, and tern. When I got closer it appeared that the ducks were taking turns cooling everybody else down. They'd all be quiet for a bit then all of a sudden one or two ducks would run around splashing everybody and then they'd be quiet again. They even did it for me when I was close enough to get a picture.

So I got my four mile walk in but most importantly I had fun doing it. Sometimes the unexpected fun is the most fun of all.

To see other fun versions, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry. And for some real fun, join in yourself. Go take a picture and post it!


  1. It was fun seeing and reading about your pictures. Good job!

  2. I definitely would find watching those birds as fun- especially with my kids- they would love it!


  3. What a fun time! I love that you have this pond nearby and so many different types of birds frequent it. There isn't anything like that here.

  4. Looks like you had a great time, these are fun pictures! Now what are you going to do with next weeks water theme....

  5. wow...that was a great trip to the pond. THe white herrons are so pretty...but I don't want to see one up close!

  6. What a fun trip to the pond! So cool that there are so many fun birds there!

  7. Seems like this was the best kind of 'fun' - fun taking photographs which is really what it's all supposed to be about. Love the flower shot.

  8. I think if I lived near that pond, I'd just sit and watch all day!

  9. You know, I always come back here for the great commentary you provide with your great photos. I had fun reading this! =)

  10. You really found some fun! Animal behavior is fun to check out. Glad you took your camera to share those great captures!

  11. Great photos...
    I'm with you, when you said how can you not have fun when you take your camera along with you for your walk.. To me there is nothing else more fun than doing something that you love doing -like taking photos..(and even better when you come home and check out all the great shots you have taken!!)
    Sorry about the essay i just wrote...ha ha ha

  12. Your pictures are just amazing! I cannot believe all of the different group shots you got. It seems that they are all coexisting as one big happy family. Good job, again!!

  13. Good heavens!! What AMAZING photos! I never have that kind of luck (skill) when photographing wildlife. :-) Awesome! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too. :-)

  14. You got some great shots! I love the ones of the birds!

  15. Your Streibel pond pictures are always an adventure for me. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with your captures. Love them!


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