Monday, June 14, 2010

Striebel Pond Again?

I know just the words Striebel Pond might be a turn off because they've appeared so often but there are pictures that I haven't shared because they didn't fit in any category or story so I'm going to put them in this post.

First is one of my favorite reflection pictures from the pond. It was such a quiet beautiful day and this picture reflects that in every way.

Then the swans again. On this day, the kids were acting up a little bit just like human kids might do. Here you see mom and dad getting everybody organized and one of the kids decides to wear a bird hat and another one starts swimming backwards. Kids!

And, not to be outdone, one of the young scamps picks up a plant and swims along like that's what he thinks he's supposed to be doing.

Here's an unusually colorful sunset on another quiet, lovely evening:

And a muskrat that swam around with his tail in the air. Whatever could be the significance of that?

And then the rainbow. Rainbows are kind of like a totem in our family and, never more so than when one of the boys is deployed. Therefore I was happy to get both shots of this one. The rainbow to the right of the flag is a little harder to see but it's there just the same. Clicking on the picture might help.

I kind of wish I could say that there probably won't be many more Striebel Pond pictures but that would be absurd. As long as there are interesting things to photograph, I'll be snapping away and recording them in my journal.

If anyone out there enjoys looking at them, it makes them that much more special to me.


  1. The first and the second to the last are my favorites. I don't think I'll be getting tired of your pond pictures. They are beautiful. I can't wait to visit there.

  2. I love your pictures of Striebel Pond. Just like I could take pictures of the mountains surrounding me and never tire. Love the flag picture - contrast of the bright colors on the gray sky - with the hint of rainbow.

  3. wow that cotton candy sky is great...and the dark clouds behind the flag are moving.

  4. lol @ the bird hat and the one swimming backwards. I think the best part of the Streibel Pond pictures is your commentary. Always colorful and interesting along with super great shots to view. Keep them coming!

  5. I really love all of your amazing pictures and especially reading your commentary for all of the photos. Too funny. I don't think I could ever get tired of these!!!


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