Friday, June 4, 2010

My How They've Grown

Sure, I know you're probably tired of hearing about the swans but if I don't keep you updated, all of a sudden they'll be grown and gone or something will happen to them and you'll be so mad that you never saw it coming. So, just to refresh your memory, here's how they looked the first time I saw them on May 13th.

And here's how they look today, busily trying to emulate their parents by trying to pull grass up from the bottom of the pond.

Seriously, can you believe they're this big in three short weeks?!

Aren't their little faces incredibly cute?

Here's a shot with mom and the kids so you can get a perspective on the sizes.

And here's the whole family hurriedly trying to escape the crazy lady with the camera.

That's it. Just keeping you informed. Tomorrow I'll show you what else I saw at Striebel Pond today. That is, if I don't go to the Dunes which I'm dying to do, and take pictures even more interesting than I think today's are.


  1. The babies are growing SO fast, it's amazing, and they're still pretty cute! I love hearing updates on the family!

  2. They are growing up so fast and are so cute. If you want to go to the Dunes next week, give me a holler. We are leaving this morning for the weekend, but Dick is going on a fishing trip all next week. I'll be bored. You'll probably leave me in the dust though. I haven't walked in weeks. Have a great weekend.

  3. Aww, the babies are so cute!

  4. wow they have grown a lot glad they still have the fuzzy feathers...those are the cutest!


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