Friday, June 25, 2010

Teresa and Patty

While I try to catch up on birthday posts and, at the same time, keep from getting ever farther behind, I have to remember my daughters-in-law, Patty (Dave's wife) and Teresa (Dan's wife). Patty's birthday was March 5th so it's late and Teresa's birthday is June 26th so it's a tiny bit early.

Initially I was going to do a post for each grandchild. Then I did Beth because I wanted to do all the kids. Sarah's was yesterday and the twins will be July 4th. Even though their birthdays were April 18th and April 21st respectively, I didn't want them to not be recognized so I thought better late than never.

Then it occurred to me that there were other important members of my family that I didn't want to slight. My children-in-law. The only problem is that they're a little harder to do. I can't tell you about their births or about their childhoods. I don't know little stories about when they were growing up; and, their childhood personalities remain pretty much a mystery to me. I am sure though, that both Patty and Teresa were sweet babies and obedient children with gentle, loving personalities. Otherwise, how could they have turned out so great.

Both came into our lives in the Fall of '93 when Dan and Dave attended Ball State University in Muncie IN after graduating from Kemper Military School and College, a two-year junior college,

We are blessed that both daughters-in-law are kind, loving, supportive wives to our sons and loving and conscientious mothers to seven of our grandchildren.

They both fit right in as soon as they were introduced to their four sisters-in-law and we all felt like they were part of the family from the get go.

Teresa, a high school cheerleader and Patty, a high school athlete who played on TWO state championship volleyball teams, also got along well together which was important since they would be spending quite a few years not just as sisters-in-law but neighbors as well.

Teresa has training as a surgical assistant and a dental assistant and is currently office manager of an orthodontic practice in Colorado Springs, Co.

Patty has a degree in early childhood education and a Master's of Science in Reading and is currently a reading specialist in the Washington DC area, Fairfax County. Next year she will coach other teachers on all areas of instruction.

I give these girls so much credit. First of all, I salute every young mother who works while caring for her husband and family. Really, I'm a proponent of the state-at-home mom but not because I think it's detrimental to the family when mom works but because I think it's just too hard on mom.

And I give them credit for their amazing adaptability. They've moved so often it makes my head spin and each time they adjust beautifully to their new surroundings and their new work environments.

And I give them credit for being military wives. That can't be easy. There are demands on these young women that would have most of us cowering in our shoes. It's not just the military environment but it's also the deployments. They shoulder enormous responsibilities that are usually and should always be shared by two. When something breaks, they have to figure it out. When the kids have difficulties, it's on them to find solutions. The house, the cars, the kids, their jobs, and the unceasing worry about the spouse who's in a far off land and usually in danger. I don't know how they do it.

I know they'll find this hard to believe but I also give them credit for being married to my sons. I know they aren't perfect. Nobody is. (really I think they are - don't tell them that though) But both girls are loving, devoted, and steadfast and we know that we can all always count on them.

The Dans

The Daves

So here's a birthday shout out to Patty and Teresa. Late for Patty and a little early for Teresa but one just as heartfelt as the other.


  1. You sure have a beautiful family. And there are so many of them! It's a shame they're so spread out now. I hope your boys are home safe again soon.

  2. This is a great post....once again you did a wonderful job of describing them. They are as wonderful as you say they are and it's been great having two extra sisters. We are so lucky!

  3. What a great, detailed post! Happy Birthday, Patty & Teresa!


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