Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shrinking Days of Summer - Week 3

Today's weigh in reminded me of a line in one of my favorite poems, Renascence by Edna St. Vincent Malay, "I know not how such things can be". Because this week my weight dropped a dramatic and completely undeserved 2.8 pounds. Wow.

I've eaten irresponsibly but conscientiously. How's that, you say? Well, I ate way too much and failed to count my points; but, the food I ate was almost without fail, healthy, low-point, nourishing, Weight-Watcher friendly food.

That definitely didn't help the loss because when I say I ate too much, I'm talking volumes here - big honkin' volumes. I don't feel great about that but maybe the food choices kept me from gaining.

What did help was trying to drink more water from the Mini Challenge the first week and stepping up my exercise from the Mini Challenge of the second week.

And, if truth be told, I give almost all the credit to exercise. I walked 28 miles during the week which equates to between 58 minutes and 90 minutes of exercise a day. Solid.

Then of course there are the normal fluctuations and maybe now I'll gain a little and go up and down some but nothing changes the fact that I was down over 2 1/2 pounds and nothing feels better than that.

So, I'm off to exercise. For the first time in a couple of weeks I only got in a mile and a half last night because of poor planning and a thunderstorm so it's time to re-double my efforts.


  1. You go, Mom! That is so awesome. I am sure all of your exercising combined with the water and good food choices are all helping, way to go!!

  2. Great job! Good for you in noticing what your strengths and weaknesses were...take it a a gift and imagine what will happen when you do all that you know works!

  3. Awesome!! Good job on the exercise and the 3 pounds! Maybe your body was excited by the extra calories too and burned more to thank you. ;)

  4. You are so awesome. I'm so jealous. My food choices this week were crap. At least i started walking again with my usual walking buddy from work. We hit the pavement at 6:15 a.m. I have to get back to go to summer school. Great job this week my friend!!

  5. This is awesome news!! Congrats on the loss. The exercise is paying off. And your body must *like* the better-for-you foods that you consumed. Just don't keep the quantity high and I'm sure you'll keep dropping that number!

  6. wooohoooo!!! What great news! I know you've been speed walking miles and miles, how satisfying it must have been to see that number drop. Also, kudos on the food choices. I think sometimes we can 'rationalize' what we eat, before we do, but the guilt of eating the wrong thing and regretting's almost painful. Keep up the great work with the right choices, what an inspiration!

    (daughter, Lori) lol

  7. Mary, you are stinkin' ROCKING the exercise! That's great! And we'll give you a pass on overindulging in healthy food. : )

    Congrats on the loss this week!

  8. Woohoo...great loss! Sometimes our bodies like that swift kick, even if it's in the wrong direction or so we think. Enjoy the feeling, you earned it!


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