Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

In my family there were two girls and two boys. Therefore both my brothers had a brother and my sister and I each had a sister.

In Harry's family there were two girls and a boy. Each of the girls had a sister but Harry never had a brother.

When we dated and when we were first married we talked about this and in our naivety we decided that we would keep having babies until each boy had a brother and each girl had a sister. I guess this helps explain our large family. But not completely.

Because God heard us and and right away blessed us with two girls about 19 months apart and then twin boys. When our oldest was 3 1/2, we had four children and loved every minute of it.

But, deep down I knew there would be more. After all, there were some girls' names that I loved that we hadn't used yet so God blessed us with Beth and Sarah.

I loved having a sister and I loved that each of our children had a counterpart - somebody to be best friends with through thick and thin. If they had a fight, neither one could go home - they had to figure it out.

So I've always been a big proponent of large families and nothing sweetens that pot like an even mix of boys and girls.

Therefore when Clara was born she seemed to round out the family perfectly and nobody felt it more clearly and obviously than Anna.

Because already the bros were starting to act like bros. They sure start young.

And that bond goes on and on.


  1. I love this post so so so so much. It's all so true and I have always felt so lucky for all of my siblings, but it was always so awesome that we each had our BFF! All of the pictures were amazing, I can't get enough of them!!!

  2. I love this post, too! That shot of Anna beaming while holding her new sister actually brought tears to my eyes. And those shots of the boys are priceless. At the risk of sounding really repetitive, I must say again, you have the most amazing family. Thanks for sharing them with us so beautifully.

    Oh, and I love that shot of you and your sister, too!

  3. such a great post, Mom! Once again, some pictures that I've never seen. I so love the first picture...speaks so much :)

  4. Each picture is a treasure in itself!! What a tremendous post!! Your use of the picture of the brothers walking down the hall together is the perfect analogy for them walking off through life together and the bond never wavering! It's all so true. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful post. Of course, I feel the most I am the fortunate one to have received YOU for a sister! Thanks for being YOU!!

  5. I love this post! I have to say, in the picture of us six kids with the girls on the couch, it struck me how much Evan looks like Dan and Matthew looks like Dave. Don't you think?!?!?


  6. This is the best thing on the Internet. Growing up with two brothers and three sisters, I can relate to a lot of this. But the progression from your childhood picture all the way down to the grandkids? That's just too cool and beautiful.


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