Friday, October 7, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Isn't it cute how little girls pretend to cook, care for babies, and even talk on the phone just like their mommies. And as much as we like to think there's no difference, little boys just aren't as likely to emulate moms as little girls are. At least my little boys didn't. Of course, they didn't really emulate their dad either - they were just themselves with their trucks and balls and swords and such.

Well, I saw something almost a month ago that really got me thinking. At first I thought Eli was just playing. He loves to climb up on chairs. But, as I watched and photographed, I realized he was being Daddy.

He moved the mouse around and watched the cursor on the screen - just like Daddy.

He turned around to see what I wanted when I interrupted his work - just like Daddy.

Then he got right back to it - this time doing some typing on the keyboard - just like Daddy.

And pretty soon he settles back for a breather - just like Daddy? (Everybody has to take a break once in a while - even Daddy)

I loved these pictures. It wasn't hard to picture Eli as Daddy because he looks so much like him.

And it wasn't hard to picture him emulating his Daddy because he adores him so much!

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  1. LOL Love this post! He really does look just like his Daddy and it was so stinking cute how he worked on the computer like an old favorite one is where he is leaning back in his chair for a little break after working so hard! LOVE LOVE LOVE that boy!!


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