Thursday, October 11, 2012

April In Colorado Springs

Last April we went to Dan and Teresa's house to stay for a few day's while Dan and Teresa went to Battalion Commander classes for wives and commanders.  And the Sunday before her return, Teresa also rocked out a 10K in Kansas City.  Wow!

Anyway, we were lucky to be there in April because the weather was SO much sweeter than April weather in Northern Indiana.

On April 13th, we picked Tessa up from school and then took pictures of her standing under one their many blooming trees.  You'll note she was wearing a sweater but that afternoon she really didn't need it.
On Saturday, she went out side with Grandpa and pretty soon decided to showcase her performing and running skills.  Of course I had to take pictures.

And Saturday night when Harry stepped out side for a few minutes he shot these pictures.

It might have been alarming to have snow falling so fast in Northern Indiana but in the foothills of Colorado Springs there was just a 'peaceful, easy feeling'.

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.

And as we drove out of Colorado Springs later that morning, you'd have thought winter was back for good.

But we found out later that by evening every trace of snow was gone.


  1. I don't even remember this, I don't think I've seen the pictures, but that is so crazy! It sure was beautiful though!!!

  2. I am moving from a tiny town in Kansas to Colorado Springs. I have been looking online at apartment complexes and am wondering where are the good areas vs bad areas? I am a full time student and a mother so I don't have the money to live in the most expensive areas though. Any input is helpful!


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