Friday, October 19, 2012

Bluebirds Are So Smart!

I've read that bluebirds have great vision but I've never read that bluebirds are smart.  I surmised that myself after we bought our bluebird feeder early last Spring.

The bluebird feeder has a normal bird feeder platform with plexiglass panels on each side but no food can get under those side panels like you'd find in a regular bird feeder.  The panels are tight to the platform and the only way to access the food is through holes found on each end of the feeder.
I've watched adult bluebirds teach their youngsters how to get in by demonstrating the technique.  Here is a series of pictures of a young bluebird who got in but then could only focus on how to get out.  He didn't even eat any of the tasty meal worms  His only concern was figuring out his exit strategy.

After racing back and forth for a few seconds, he appeared to stop and think about it.
Until he figured it out.

 And flew off.

To join Dad on the fence who was watching carefully the whole time.

And perhaps the most interesting thing of all is that no other bird will enter this feeder.  They just can't seem to figure it out.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, there's nothing more entertaining than watching these quirky, interesting, beautiful, and smart little birds. 


  1. That is so neat! I am always entranced by the birds on our bird feeder. Makes me want to buy one of these just to see who can figure it out. :)
    Smart little bluebirds!

  2. I love your bluebirds! I think next year I'm going to get one of those, I would LOVE to have bluebirds in my yard!


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