Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ethan

Today is Ethan's 8th birthday.  He's our 14th grandchild and 8th grandson.  I just conducted a phone interview with him since he lives in Louisville Ky.  Here's how it went.  (Oh and as usual I'll be sprinkling pictures of him throughout just so we can see how he's changed over the years.)

Do you feel older now that you're 8?  Yeah  
Have you done anything special for your birthday?  Well at my party I got a new Cardinals towel,4 books, a book mark, two Wii games, some Angry Birds stuff, and a Nerf gun.  And Trey gave me another present today that I got to open - it was Mario Candy.  Also we just left Texas Road House and now we're going to open more presents.  And my Mamaw and Papaw are coming.  Anna and Noah came Friday and left today.
What was the best thing about your birthday party?  Do you mean best present or best part?  The best present was definitely the Nerf gun and my favorite part was playing in the arcade and going bowling. 
What's your favorite sport to play?  Tomorrow I'm going to play soccer but I'd probably say it would be a tie between soccer and basketball.  There's also running, baseball and chess.  Sports is all about competition and if you're competing that means you're playing a sport.  If you're going for a world record you're doing a sport.
Do you like school?  Not really.  Why not?  Cause at school all you do is learn all day.  If you get caught with a toy it gets confiscated.  But Matthew brings a toy everyday and it never gets confiscated.   How do you feel about that?  It bothers me a little because when he was my partner he just played with toys and we almost didn't get finished because of that.  Then he asked me if I wanted to play with one of his toys and I said No Way!!!
What's your favorite subject in school?  Recess.  Besides recess.  Science.
Do you like being a big brother?  Yep.  I get less sleep because I get to stay up later.  My bedtime used to be 7:45 to 8:15 but now it's 8:30 to 9:00.
What's your favorite recreational activity?  I'd put electronics at the top.  Next would probably be playing outside.  Third would be playing in the basement, fourth would be reading and fifth and last would be doing Math which I really don't want to do.  
What haven't I asked that might be interesting about you?  Let's see.  I am a very smart kid.  I know multiplication and division.  And my mom says I'm very smart.  You're a good reader too right?  Yes and there's that Nerf gun I just found down the basement and I'm about to open more presents so I have to go.
And that abruptly concluded our interview.  But who could blame him.  I'd be in a hurry to open more presents too.  I have to add though a few things that I find interesting about Ethan.  He's a talker and he can expound on any subject.  You can tell that from his interview.  He's also a deep thinker and a thoughtful boy.  And, he's loving, helpful, and very energetic!  And we're wishing him a very happy birthday!

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