Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo Editing

Photo editing is a subject I know very little about but it I know it's an essential element for many amateur (and even professional) photographers.  Now the professional photographer that I know best, doesn't rely on photo editing software.  She believes in making the picture perfect with perfect camera settings and it shows in her work.  Coincidentally, she (Beth) is the subject of this photo. 

Unfortunately we can't all shoot in manual so we might get pictures like this.

Wow!  What a beautiful setting but what are those shadowy figures doing in the middle of it.  Ugh!  This must be what's wrong with shooting in auto.

But I have some photo editing software at my disposal, so I decided to lighten it up enough so that I could see who those shadowy figures were.  For this edit, I used Picasa - a free photo editing software.

Much better!  I can actually see faces now.  But I seem to have lost some of that beautiful, vibrant setting.  Now everything looks a little washed out.

So I turned to my Adobe Elements software.  It has a setting that allows you to lighten only the shadows.

And I think this is the winner.  The setting is intact and the faces are visible.  I guess I'd better stick with Adobe Elements.  I guess you get what you pay for.

But most of all, I guess I've GOT to learn to shoot in manual.


  1. Some day, I am going to be able to afford Beth's Shooting in Manual" class. Some day!!

  2. What a difference! I would have been happy with my "shadowy figures", but when I see what I difference it makes to edit, it makes me think I should learn how to do it too.

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