Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aubrey

Two years ago today we added a first to our family.  Aubrey Lynn was our very first great granddaughter.  And she was (and still is) beautiful!!
She was welcomed by her adoring parents, Amber (our first granddaughter) and Chris,
 Her grandmother, Amy (our daughter),
and big brothers (in the background here) Jack and Dane.  Here you can see her welcoming (or getting used to) brand new little brother Wade.  Don't worry, Wade's eight months old now and she really does like him a lot.
Her birth initiated one of my all-time favorite amateur photo shoot shots entitled 'When Photo Shoots Fall Apart'.
You can see that she took it all in stride and that's pretty much the way she rolls.
There might be chaos all around, but Aubrey remains stoic - just taking everything in.  She was like that when she was tiny and she's like that now.
Aubrey has lots of talents and interests though.  You might think, with three brothers, she'd be a little intimidated but not so much.  She can hold her own with all of them and play their games as well as they do.

And even though necessity sometimes has her playing boys' games, she never forgets her female origins.
Her femininity is also demonstrated by her amazing accessorizing skills.

Although sometimes those boy fashions have a tendency to rear their masculine heads.
Aubrey is also quirky
and generous.
 She can dance
knows her way around cell phones,
 of all kinds
and she's a very good eater
and doesn't care who knows it.
All in all, Aubrey's a wonderful little girl.  We're so happy that she's part of our family and we're hoping her birthday is as awesome as her.


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