Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ryan

Today is our grandson Ryan's 21st birthday.  It doesn't seem possible that it's been 21 years since our first grandson was born but I guess it has.  And he's been an awesome first grandson.
I called him a little while ago to wish him a happy birthday and conduct this little birthday phone interview with him.  Here's how it went.

So this is the big one, isn't it Ryan?  The one you've been waiting for?  How does it feel to be 21?  It's great and kind of what I expected.  It's nice to have drinks with the family and stuff and now I feel like I've become a full adult.
So last night (after midnight of course) you could drink (legally?) for the very first time.  How did that feel?  It was kind of refreshing.  It'll be hard to beat that one.  It's a different feeling.
You didn't overdo did you?  No, I don't think so.  At least I didn't vomit or anything.

I know you celebrated with your mom and stepdad.  (How awesome is that, parents?)  Was anyone else there?  Yes, a few of my friends came.

After a year in at the University of Nebraska Omaha, you took a semester off.  Any regrets about that?  No I've been working a lot and that's helped me with my punctuality, time management, and saving some money to afford more school.

Oh so you plan to go back at some future date?  Oh yeah, I'm going back next semester full time.

What field of study will you pursue?  I'm going to study journalism which is what I really wanted to do after high school but I kind of got steered in a different direction that I just didn't like.  That made it hard to invest myself into it completely.  Journalism is something I've always enjoyed.

Do you think you'll ever move back to Indiana or are your roots firmly planted in Nebraska now?
I don't know.  Anything can happen.
Do you see much of Jared and Emily?  Yeah, whenever I go home.  I saw Jared and we hung out for a weekend recently and of course I saw Emily then too.  Right after she got back from Indiana I went to a Waverly football game and Emily didn't know I was there.  When I went up and grabbed her, she totally freaked out.  It was hilarious.

And do you have any special goals for the upcoming year?  I'd like to buy a car within the year.  Not necessarily right away but ultimately I hope to have enough money to afford a car, school, and living expenses.  If it doesn't happen, no big deal but it would be nice.

What can you tell us about yourself that most people might not know?  I'm a lot tougher than a lot of people think.  I feel like I'm more aware than most people my age.  And especially after taking this time off from school,  I think I've learned to not let opportunities slip by because I might not get them again..
Anything else?  Yes, I'd actually like to play baseball again if possible.  I want to maintain really good grades, train hard in the gym, and see where I'm at next August as far as trying out for the team.
And this is where I add some things that I know (and love ) about Ryan.  He's hard working and helpful
and not afraid to get his hands (or his entire) body dirty..
He's fun loving
and loved by his family,
his extended family,
 and some more than others.
All in all, Ryan is one of the best young men anybody could hope to know.  We love him and wish him not only a happy birthday but a good and successful year where all his goals and dreams come true.
Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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  1. Nice post!! Really liked to go through this amazing birthday boy’s interview. I have also been planning my nephew’s birthday at one of venues in Chicago as he will turning 20 this year. Want to have something unique and special for him.


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