Friday, May 9, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - 20140509

I believe this is a white crowned sparrow.  And yesterday I watched her take a bath.  There's not much I enjoy capturing more than the enthusiastic all-in commotion of a bird during her morning toilette!  It all starts calmly enough.
 But almost immediately she digs in!
Right here she looks a little annoyed to be photographed.
And she seems to be complaining a little here.
But then she gets distracted by a pesky bit of dirt that has to be removed with her foot. 
 Then a slight pause
 And right back at it!

 Another short breather....
 And splish splash again!


 Shake your tail feathers....
 Assess the situation...
 Step out of the tub

 And she feels like a new woman.
The entire process took 55 seconds and 60 photos.  Obviously I had to eliminate a lot but if I've been able to share a little of how amusing this complicated operation was, then I've accomplished what I wanted.

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  1. I love how clear all your shots are! Looks like a lot of work - both for you and her! Well done :)


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