Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teresa Kay

Today is our daughter-in-law, Teresa's, birthday!  She's on a dream cruise with her family right now which is right where she would want to spend her birthday.  Soon they should be docking at St. Marten's and I hope she'll be able to take a peek at her post so she knows how much she's loved and wished a very happy birthday.

Here is Teresa from the first we got to know her until now.

So the first thing I notice when I look at this series of pictures is that she hasn't changed much.  She was beautiful when we met her and she's beautiful now.

And then I stop to think of how that's possible.  Here's a girl who has gone from 'a girl' to a woman with three children, a job, a household to take care of and a soldier who's kept her life moving forward at an amazing pace.  Teresa has lived in Indiana, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri (twice), Louisiana, and Colorado.  She's been the head of her household during 5 deployments and still finds time to exercise and stay fit.  She visits family, both hers and his, even when he can't be there and she never loses her smile or her sense of humor.  She's loving, generous, sweet, and truly a daughter to Harry and I.  And most importantly, in Teresa's world, nothing comes before her family.
For all these reasons we're wishing her the best birthday EVER!  Happy Birthday, Teresa, we love you.

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