Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jeremy Andrew

Today is our grandson, Jeremy's, 15th birthday!
Jeremy is an important part of this really large family.
And a more important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this large family.
Here is Jeremy 'through the years'.
  Jeremy has certainly grown up all of a sudden.  He's a wonderful, handsome, likable young man.  He plays the trumpet in Marching Band, played varsity golf this past freshman year, and lettered in both.  He's loving and kind to everybody including all his younger cousins and nieces and nephews. He's helpful, cheerful, has a great sense of humor and he's always a pleasure to be around.
We're wishing him the happiest birthday ever and a year filled with more golf, more band, and anything else his heart desires.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!  We're very proud of you and love you very much!

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