Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dane Robert

Today is Dane's 4th birthday.  He's our 2nd great grandchild AND second great grandson.
Dane is an important part of this large family,
and an important part of this smaller family,
and an even more important part of this even smaller (but large) family.
Here is Dane 'through the years'.  These pictures were taken approximately every six months.
As you can see, Dane is an adorable child.  But what the pictures don't show is that he's incredibly loving, lovable, and sweet.  
He has great respect and awe for the military,
he is very athletic and can play any sport,
and he's a role player like no other.
We were lucky enough to have Dane and his wonderful family here for the weekend and as always, it filled my heart with love and happiness.  And we got to sing happy birthday to him and have a little party.   It doesn't get much better than that.  So we're wishing this wonderful boy a very, very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.  Happy Birthday, Dane!  We love you.

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