Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Emily Elizabeth

Our granddaughter Emily was born 18 years ago today in Evansville, Indiana.  She was our 5th grandchild and 2nd granddaughter.
She's an important part of this large family.
And an even more important part of this smaller family!
I just finished a phone interview with Emily which we actually started this morning.  Here's how it went:  Hi Emily!  Happy Birthday!  Thank you!
It was nice that they called off school today for your birthday!  Yeah!  Are you having a good day?Yeah, I slept in and I'm going to get a cartilage piercing right now!
Since she was on her way to the mall, we took a break.  Later on we continued the interview with a little help from her mom.
This is your senior year!  Are you enjoying it so far?   Ummm.  Yes, I am but I'm really excited that school's going to be done in a couple of weeks.
What do you like best about it?  Oh dear.  I like being an office assistant in the mornings and I like taking coffee to school and I like that school's going to be done in a couple of weeks.
What don't you like so much!  Ummm, waking up early.  I like to stay up late and sleep in.
So high school is almost over.  What are your plans for the summer?  Right after school and my graduation party when I'll be getting a car, I'm going to Indiana for a week and then Cancun with my friend Elizabeth and my dad and stepmother for a week.  After that it's back to Nebraska for my first ever Nebraska summer of work and shopping and hanging out with my friends.  
What are your fondest high school memories?  Prom and shopping and hanging out with my friends.
What memories were not so great?  Ummm.   Getting up early.
And what are your plans for next year?  I'm attending Southeast Community College in Lincoln to get my prerequisite courses for college.
Once I get my general classes completed I'll be choosing a course of study and a college to get my Bachelors Degree.
What's your favorite color?  Green
And your favorite song?  I love all the songs so much I don't have a favorite but I'm really into country music right now.
We missed you in Gulf Shores last winter?  Do you think you'll be able to join us this year?  I'm going to try.  It's hard to divide holidays between two families.  
Where do you see yourself living and what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?  I honestly have no idea.  I really love the ocean however so maybe I'll be somewhere near an ocean.
What else can you tell us about yourself that we haven't covered here?  I work at Olive Garden as a hostess.
  I love to take lots of pictures and I love our dogs Lily and Lollie. 
I really love my brothers but sometimes don't get to see enough of them.
And I love my mom.  Sometimes I leave notes in the morning for her which she loves.
And I spent the day today with my friends and we all got new piercings.  Mine was an ear cartilage and my belly button.
And that concluded our interview.  BUT, as usual, there's lots more I can tell you about Emily.  She's one of the happiest, sweetest, most loving girls you can imagine.  We may not see her as often as we like, because of her having to divide her time between two families, but every time we're together it's like we'd just seen her the day before.   And she doesn't just like to take pictures, she's very good at it. She's also creative, smart, and fun and a wonderful and important part of our family.  For all these reasons and many more, we're wishing her the best birthday every and a year that surpasses all her hopes and dreams!
And of course, all the amazing senior pictures were taken by the amazing Beth Fletcher of Beth Fletcher Photography!

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