Sunday, August 9, 2015

Christopher Jon

Friday was our grandson-in-law's 30th birthday.  I didn't get his post up and I didn't get his interview done but it wasn't because we don't love him because we most certainly do!  I could list my excuses but none would be good enough and, besides, this post is about Chris.  
Chris is an an important part of this large family.
And an important part of this smaller, large family.
(And these large families are even larger now with the additional of Emma who will be four weeks old tomorrow.)
And an even more important part of this even smaller but still large family.  (This photo was staged by Beth of Beth Fletcher Photography.)
Chris must have been a wonderful little boy.
Because he was certainly cute.
And you can see Chris today in this Chris from yesterday photo and since Chris today is wonderful, it only follows that Chris yesterday must have been wonderful too.
In this picture you can see the same steely determination that he has now when he's tackling any project.
So when I thought of interviewing him, I realized that I'd interviewed him twice before and that the questions I asked then are probably the same questions I would ask now.  So I dug back in the archives and pulled out some of my favorite questions - not because I loved the questions but because I loved the answers.

In 2011 I asked, "What do you like best about being married?"  And he answered, "I like being with the person I love everyday and never having to be apart from her."
And I asked, "Was it intimidating becoming part of such a large family?"  He said, "Yes, it was very intimidating at first but it's made me want to have a large family because I think it's the coolest thing in the world now."
Also in 2011:  Off the top of your head, what would you want to pass on to your children that they could take with them into adulthood? I would say always try your hardest and know that you can never change what's already happened but remember that you can always change your future.

In 2013:  I've seldom seen anyone with more patience with his children than you and you always seem ready to teach and explain.  Where does all that come from?  My grandparents on my mom's side were very patient with me.  Especially my grandfather.  He always explained everything and kids just flocked to him.   I thought if I could be like him, it would be awesome. 
Also in 2013:  How do you feel about everybody in Amber's family asking you for help all the time because of your amazing skills and work ethic? (First he laughed) I like doing things. I'm a person who doesn't like sitting still and I'm not the type of person to watch other people do things so I enjoy being asked to help.  Well, we took him at his word on that one.  Since 2013 when he said it, he's built our shed

and our mudroom

designed and installed closets,
and along with Dave and Dan, played an integral part in the whole house renovation of 2014.
There's so much more I could say about Chris because I think he's one of the finest individuals I know and I feel that we're blessed to have him in our family.
He's not just helpful, he's personable, kind, and thoughtful;  
and smart, fun to be around, with a great sense of humor;
And although he obviously loves his Redwings hat, he's generously willing to share on occasion.
For these reasons and so many more, we're inordinately proud of him and we're wishing him a year that surpasses all others in success and happiness.  Happy Birthday a little late, Chris!  We love you!!!

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