Friday, March 10, 2017


Today is Ethan's 12th birthday!
Ethan is our 14th grandchild and 9th grandson.
He is an important part of this very large family
and an even more important part of this beautiful family!
I wrote about Ethan on his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will show the links to all his previous posts.
And those links will take you to many pictures and stories of how he's changed over the years.
So I'll just post a few pictures here

and talk a little about what's been going on in his life during the past year.
First of all, he has a new pet that is completely his responsibility.  His name is Zeus and obviously with a name like that, he's a beta!
Also this year, Ethan moved on from elementary school
to middle school where he's gotten almost nothing but A's so far and was even awarded the Hilltopper award for being courteous, respectful and setting a positive example for others.
He has also started playing the viola which he not only enjoys but plays exceptionally well for a beginner!
and has started playing soccer again.  He's now looking forward to the Spring season starting soon.
Another change this year is that he's started collecting an allowance and most importantly is doing a good and responsible job of handling his money.  In return for his allowance he walks Dash every day, takes out the garbage each week and brings the cans in after they're collected, and is proactive about taking the initiative when he sees something that needs to be attended to without being asked.
Ethan has had a wonderful year and it's not surprising because he's a wonderful boy!  He's conscientious, loving, helpful, and always eager to please.  We're very proud of him and could not love him more!  So, Ethan, Happy Birthday!  We're hoping it's absolutely perfect and that the coming year is even better!

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