Friday, March 10, 2017


Yesterday was Matthew's 15th birthday!
Matthew is our 11th grandchild and 7th grandson.
He is an important part of this very large family
And an even more important part of this wonderful family
I wrote about Matthew on his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will show the links to all his previous posts.
And those links will take you to many pictures and stories of how he's changed over the years.
So I'll just post a few pictures here 

and talk a little about what's been going on in his life during the past year.
He's getting ready to start house basketball which will have him on a team with some friends and competing with teams comprised partly of other friends and will provide conditioning and practice for high school basketball next year.
 During his freshman year in high school, he played football (his favorite sport right now) and basketball and was even invited to suit up for post season varsity football, an honor afforded to only a few freshmen.
He's enjoying his freshman year academically as well and right now his favorite subject is Programming and in fact he just created his own game as a final project.
And in the coming year he hopes to focus on completing the badges he needs for Eagle Scout (he's almost there) and wants to try to do his Eagle project this summer.
During the past year he attended Philmont Boy Scout Camp in New Mexico with his dad (this picture was not taken at Philmont but during a training hike on the Appalachian Trail)
and once again spent Christmas in Florida and the week between Christmas and New Years in Gulf Shores.
where he continued to be a hero to his young cousin from Indiana.
So Matthew has had another busy and productive year which is not surprising because he's one of the most athletic, intelligent, thoughtful, and fun-loving people you could ever know.  He's always a joy to be around and we look forward to seeing him soon.   In the meantime, we spoke on the phone yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and where we found out the family planned a birthday dinner for him at a Japanese Steak House.  So Happy Birthday again, Matthew!  We hope it was the awesome day you deserve and that the coming year is your best one EVER!  We love you and could not be more proud of you

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