Sunday, April 23, 2017


Tuesday was Dave's birthday!
Dave is our 4th child - missing 3rd place by only ten minutes.
And they were right in the middle of our six kids with two older sisters and two younger sisters.
Dave is a very important part of this very large family.
And a very important part of this very beautiful family.
I wrote about Dave on his birthday last year in this post and visiting there will show the links to all his previous posts.
And those links will take you to many pictures and stories of how he's changed over the years.
So I'll just post a few pictures here.

And talk a little about what's been going on in his life during the past year.
To begin with, he also graduated from a school in Pennsylvania that kept him away from home except for weekends for an entire year.
 and lived in a very old building that may or may not have been haunted.
His oldest son, David, graduated from high school and started going to school in Pennsylvania.
He has remained active as a Boy Scout leader and went to Philmont for two weeks with his second son, Matthew.
He has enjoyed being home during the week and only having occasional trips of short duration for his job.  He's caught up on some projects around the house and has plans for several more.
He's dedicated to and loves his family very much including the four legged members like Charlie here.
But he seems to have a special bond with Scout.  You can see that they even share emotions together.
And he's very much enjoyed attending the kids' sporting events and just being home with the family.
All in all, it's been a busy but fun year for Dave.  As always he does his job with integrity and purpose which results in his working long hours but that's the way he rolls.  He just doesn't do anything half way.
We are incredibly proud of him, of all he's done and all he's doing.  We're proud of the dad and husband that he is and the son who has always been there for us.  We couldn't ask for a son as incredible as him and we got two of them.  (Dan's post is just before this one.)  So, Happy Birthday, Dave, a little late.  We're so happy we got to be there to help you celebrate and enjoy a visit with you and your amazing family.  

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