Thursday, June 11, 2009

Explanations and Conclusion (I Hope)

As you'll remember from here the police officer called us at 5:30 a.m. Monday proudly announcing the results of his exemplary detection work. He said the culprit was arrested, in jail, and the car was impounded.

At about 6:30 a.m. the same day, Mr. Right drove by the address given to us by the officer and observed the damaged red car parked in front of the house.

Then, there were the sightings.

And here's what I suspect was going on. When the police officer and his photographers conducted their investigation in the wee hours of Sunday morning, they took with them the headlight, and the larger pieces of fender and bumper.

Could the lurkers that we kept spotting in around our house have been looking for those large parts? That's what I think. We haven't seen them around since Tuesday afternoon so we're hoping it's case closed.

As for the reports of the police officer, could he have been mistaken or did he lie or to put it more generously, did he exagerate? And WHY did he have to call at 5:30 in the a.m. when he knew we had been up until at least 2 a.m?

So many questions and so few answers but I'm encouraged that no one strange has been hanging least as far as we can see.


  1. For real- why would ANYONE call you at such an awful early time? You should ask them that.


  2. Well I hope the reason he called at such an awful time was maybe that he thought you were so stressed out or upset that you just couldn't sleep and he thought that he would call and relieve you of such stress so that you could finally go to sleep. maybe. hopefully. ??? who knows. The whole thing is still very confusing. Maybe you could put a sign up in your front yard telling him the police have his car parts, OR you could call the police and ask them to call this person and tell him that they have his car parts so that maybe he'll quit hanging around the front of your house.... there ya go.

    Love, Amy


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