Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy Day, Disappointment, and Triumph

Today my sister and I went shopping. It wasn't your everyday shopping either. We were shopping for a wedding dress for her and a maid-of-honor dress for me. This is her second marriage and we're all very happy for her. And I'm especially excited that I get to be her attendant. When she got married for the first time over forty years ago, I wasn't able to be here. Mr. Right was in the Air Force and we were stationed in the southern tip of New Mexico. Unfortunately, money was tight and I had a new job so a quick flight to Indiana was out of the question. Truly, it broke my heart.

She's my only sister and we're only a couple of years apart in age. We've always been very close. I never could have foreseen that I might not be there when she got married.

Now, this second, small wedding is only a little over a week away and I'm a little nervous and very excited.

Shopping was a bit of a trial since I've packed on about twenty pounds since I retired but I'm determined to not let it put a damper on the occasion. And I think I've finally got my mind right on changing the weight gain into weight loss. We'll see.

So we had a busy day, I was disappointed that nothing fit, but I'm still optimistic and determined to change that weight problem around.

And ultimately, nothing could be sweeter than her wedding and my part in it. After forty years, It's time.


  1. I bet the fact that you'll be there next week will make this event even more special for her, too.

    I'm excited for both of you!

  2. Oh how special that you can be there this time. I am sure you'll look great!


  3. How fun for you both. It will mean so much to her to have you there this time. Did you try Carson's for your dresses? I've always had real good luck there for our weddings and the prices weren't horrible.

  4. It is soo hard trying on formalwear....I'm in a wedding next May and I'm dreading going to try the dress on.

    But just focus on how special they day will be...and make sure you are comfortable in what you choose!


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