Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Well, it's over. And we did it.

We had mashed potatoes, turkey, pork tenderloin filets, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, green bean casserole, radishes and onions, and desserts that included cheese cake and tollhouse pie.

This is pretty much what we have every year but this year we changed it up a little bit. We went easy, breezy, and a tiny bit sleazy. The mashed potatoes were cooked, mashed, and seasoned when I bought them. So were the sweet potatoes (the best Mr. Right ever ate). I made the corn pudding from scratch but it was the best we'd had in years because I finally had the original recipe. (That page has been missing from my ancient recipe book for a long time but a few weeks ago I found a website that replaces missing pages at a very reasonable price and I finally have it back in its rightful place.) Beth brought the brown 'n serves, the green bean casserole, and the tollhouse pie. Amy made the cheesecake and was on hand to help with what little we still had to do from morning til night.

And we tried the 500 degree turkey roasting recipe. Two hours. That's it. While it rested and its carving process was begun, we heated the ready-made potatoes and casseroles. And it was golden. Perfection! Easy.

I intend to do this every year. Because Thanksgiving is about family and good eats and it doesn't have to include a solid day of back breaking, everything from scratch, labor.

Now I finally know that for sure.


  1. Sounds wonderful and you are so right about Thanksgiving being about family and not nonstop cooking. You'll have to post the 500 degree turkey recipe. I'd like to try it sometime.

  2. That is great the new turkey method worked out-will keep that in mind, we make one for ourselves and freeze some mid-december!

    I made corn casserole of my faves!

  3. I have to agree 100%, it was SO much more relaxing. The turkey was yummy, the potatoes (both kinds) were delish, and the corn pudding was the BEST EVER!!! One of my favorite additions was the Chinet plates, what a great idea! It was a good day!

  4. Sounds fantastic! Especially the 500 degree turkey. I need to provide us with that recipe! Have you similar great ideas to help us all get through Christmas?? We'll be waiting!


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