Friday, December 4, 2009

Helter Skelter

I've spent a lot of really fun time in the last few months trying to organize my time. I haven't been altogether successful but it's been a blast trying.

Now though, I realize that my little somewhat organized schedule was actually very precarious. All it took were a couple little, tiny wrinkles to make everything discombobulated.

Let's start with one of my very favorite events. I have a family staying with me for maybe even two weeks. I love that so much. It's amazing to have a 10 1/2 month old in the house; not to mention my oldest granddaughter and her husband. Since she spent many of her younger years in this house, it feels just right to have her under this roof again.

But it has shaken my routine just a little. Now when I might be taking pictures or writing a post or most importantly reading the posts that I love to keep up with, I'm playing with Superbaby:

(Just because he's on his knees, don't get the impression he's a typical baby. In the next picture he was sticking his butt in the air and standing up straight. Right after that he's was off and running AND he dances.) Anyway, I digress.

We've also had to winterize the pond. After Mr. Right finished redirecting the hoses, Mrs. Right (that would be me of course) had to rake every leaf and pick every single one out of the net to keep any from landing in the pond over winter.

But the most important thing and the number one reason that I'm discombobulated has nothing to do with my visitors or the pond. I'm completely distracted right now by my youngest daughter, Sarah. We've already had one false alarm that had Beth and I traveling for several hours, only to turn around and head home. That wasn't Sarah's fault either. She gave us the facts and we made the decision to head down there. She's been very symptomatic and I'm starting to think it had a lot to do with the full moon. She's also 38 1/2 weeks and after her OB exam last week, her doctor stated that her water might break. Surely no doctor would ever say that unless there's something really impressive going on down there right?

The difficulty is that it's a solid 4 1/2 hour drive and Beth and I are blessed enough to be invited into the delivery room. So I'm kind of living out of my bags and trying to keep everything half ready to walk out the door and welcome our new grandbaby.

And that's about ALL I can think about right now.


  1. Well we are very happy to be staying with you! It really does feel right to be "home" again! It's great!! Thanks so much for everything!! We love you sooooo much!


  2. It is very exciting, but I'm sure it's hard waiting for that phone call!! And you sure are lucky having the cutest baby in the world at your house!

  3. Of course you are distracted, but what a wonderful distraction! At least you have Superbaby to keep your mind off it a little. I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful new grandbaby. Do you know if it is a girl or boy?

  4. No one knows more than me how tricky labor can be, and after hearing Beth describe Sarah's symptoms the other night, I thought for sure that was it!
    Personally, I'm still pouty that Tommy came so fast that Beth couldn't be there, so I am anxiously awaiting hearing the stories of Sarah's labor--and how blessed the two of you are to be there!

  5. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers for Sarahs delivery!


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