Monday, November 9, 2009

Is Our Backyard Stubborn?

I like to mow-rake. Its much more fun than raking and I think it's good for the lawn because the nutrients stay right here rather than getting shipped off to a landfill. And mow-raking works well as long as you don't get too far behind because of unseasonably cold, wet weather like happened to us a couple of weeks ago in the front yard.

We didn't have that problem in our tree-filled back yard because for some reason the trees in the back yard can't let go of their leaves in a timely manner.

About a week ago we mow-raked the back yard and it wasn't that bad because so many leaves remained in the trees. Then our mower went on the fritz and we had to impose on my brother to fix it for us. Yesterday we got it back and I mow-raked almost the entire back yard. There was just a 15 foot strip across the back that I couldn't get to before dark and exhaustion set in.

So this morning I went out to finish and it was raining - not water - but leaves. I had to keep going because if they get too deep, mow-raking can't be done and I didn't want to real rake.

Then I looked around. Look at our neighbors' trees.

The only tree he has left with leaves on the one hanging over our back yard.

Now look at ours.
And watch while I mow-rake what I just mow-raked last night.

And look where I just mow-raked a few minutes ago.

Now what does this have to do with 'Musing of the Sixties'?

I'll tell you. This morning I got to take my grandchildren to school while their mom went to the doctor for a very important appointment.

Then I came home and played on my computer for awhile.

Then I mow-raked and, while I was at it, fooled around taking pictures and writing a post for my blog.

I could do all this because I'm in my sixties and most importantly, retired. I really don't care when our leaves fall. I just thought it was interesting and I wanted to talk about it.

So I did. Because I can. Whenever I want. This is the life.


  1. Oh praise the Lord for all of these things! Yippee! I love that you have this life finally!!!

  2. I have to agree with my mother. Even though leaves suck, I'm so glad you're home!!


  3. Rock it sister. You deserve to have these choices.

  4. My next door neighbor that is in her 70's did this a couple of weeks ago. She heard it was good for the grass. However, she had already raked all her leaves to the back and did it. OMG, I thought for sure she was going to burn out her motor, the pile was so high, but she didn't. I think doing it your way is probably a lot safer.

  5. woohoo...I one day will get there too. Enjoy!

    I also wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for your comment on my blog, it was beautiful and I appreciate it!


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