Monday, April 26, 2010

Rhonda and Nancy

Rhonda writes Mimistoes and Nancy writes Bacardimama. They both have grown children and they both have husbands and they both have jobs. Nancy loves her hot tub (or any hot tub for that matter) and Rhonda has a job where she can dress as casually as she wants. They both like to shop at Costco, they both have grown children, they both have grandchildren, and they both have a grandson named Jack.

They're both really nice.

They were friends with Brian's mom:

Sometimes they didn't like it when I took their pictures:

They were very good about encouraging each other:

And they both agreed that I couldn't use this picture of artificial daffodils for Beth's Spring You Capture this week:

I must admit that I thought the colors seemed exceptionally brilliant. But, in my defense, when else but in the Spring would someone plant artificial daffodils?

So, all in all, I learned a lot about these two lovely ladies. We're going to start walking together once a week as soon as school is out. We'll take turns choosing a new venue each week so not only will we learn more about each other but we'll also learn about new and interesting places to walk. And you can bet, we'll all be competing for photo shots to post on our blogs. We planned to call our club the Jack Club because they each have a grandson named Jack and I have a great grandson named Jack, but I'm not so sure now. When I've mentioned it to certain people, (think Beth) they've responded as if there might be some kind of connotation to the name so I'm sure we'd all be open to suggestions.

But once again, it's a small bloggy world and through it, I've meant some incredibly wonderful people.


  1. HAHA. Beth is so dirty. I totally didn't even make that connotation. Okay, so maybe I did, but I'm pretty sure I've only made that connection because Beth has tarnished my previously clean mind.

  2. I'm either old and stupid or pure and chaste, but I have no idea what you people are talking about. Mary, I love this post. Thanks for being my friend. I can't wait till June.

  3. I love that you have met new friends through your blog, especially ones that are close enough for you to know in real life! They are both the nicest people and I can't wait for the three of you to do your walks together, how fun!

  4. oh that is funny...I didn't think of that either! I think its great you ladies have started a friendship....enjoy your future walks together!!

  5. I feel so honored to be featured on your blog post. It reminds me of the old Dick and Jane readers, how you told the story. I still like the name of our club even though there are some strange thinkers out there like your daughter. We could also call us the Not So Golden girls. I didn't know you took a picture of the fake And when did Nancy make that mean funny! I look like I am saying a bad word. You are never too old to make new friendships....

  6. Seriously, did Mimi just say "Dick" while discussing such already-sensitive subject matter.

    I love the Not So Golden but would make it Gals instead of girls. It just sounds more fun somehow.

  7. This is precious. I'm absolutely shocked about the comments here LOL!



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