Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Beth

A year ago I wrote this post about Beth since we had just celebrated her birthday. It's pretty much 'The Story of Beth'. This year, in keeping with my new birthday tradition, I interviewed her. Note: I've inserted pictures throughout this interview that may or may not be pertinent to what we're discussing. Sometimes they just have to be included.

What's the most surprising thing about being an adult? I'm surprised by many things, like how tired I am. Growing up, I couldn't wait to get old so I could stay up late and watch TV... Now I can't wait to go to bed and I pretty much think about it all day long.
What's the hardest, surprising thing about being an adult? That I still have to sneak Twinkies.

What's the best thing about being almost 34? Probably that I feel like I know myself pretty well by now.
What's the worst thing about it? Nothing.

What did you like best about your childhood? Probably having so many brothers and sisters.
What did you like least? Probably having so many brothers and sisters.

What makes you such an interesting blogger? Honestly, I have no idea. If I am, it's probably because I'm honest and willing to share what goes on in my day-to-day life and I'm not really afraid of what people think of me. Wait, maybe I shouldn't say that but it's true. In the end, though, I love it when I feel love from my readers. I just love sharing my life and I love hearing from others.
You're a SAHM, a prolific blogger, a business woman, and a professional photographer. How do you wear so many hats? I guess I rarely allow myself to just sit and relax and I have a very messy house. (Interviewer's note: This is absolutely not true - is it possible she doesn't know what a VERY messy house is?)
What single event in your childhood might have been important in shaping your future? One time I got beat up for calling a kid a bad name. It was physically painful and unnecessarily violent, but that single event taught me to always be careful with my words and how I talk to people - whether I know them or not. Interviewer's note: :(
What adjectives would describe you as a child? Pragmatic, funny, sincere, honest, caring, independent.What adjectives would describe you as a teenager? Idealistic, very funny, a little stubborn, ridiculously skinny, and pretty dumb.What adjectives would describe you an an adult? Ridiculously skinny (hahahaha!), sincere, honest, guileless, truthful, amazing (this from Brian), awesome and particular (from Anna), and cute (from Noah).
Who (besides me, of course - just taking her off the hook here) might have been the most instrumental in shaping you into the person you are today? My maternal grandma because she appreciated the simple and important thing in life like weather and gardening and family. I have memories of feeling like she was this perfect person like the kind of person I'd want to be. I remember admiring her at a really young age for the way she could just do anything (I was mesmerized by how she peeled an apple for example) and the way she treated everybody. Now, when I have family over for dinner, I marvel that she didn't have our time and labor saving devices, but she made amazing meals without fussing and they were perfect. I'm just in awe of her spirit and her grace and I hope to have even just a fourth of that because it's really beautiful.
I know your friends are incredibly important to you. Why? I actually am not sure I can really articulate why. I know that, yes, they are completely precious to me, each one for different reasons. I love being there for them. I love that they are there for me. I love sharing life from this angle with them, this 'hey, I'm a mom, you're a mom, we have all of these responsibilities but sometimes, let's share hilarious and obscene videos over email'. We laugh and we get each other, we cry and sometimes we disagree, and I can't imagine not having that in my life.
Is being a mother how you imagined it would be when you were a little girl playing with dolls? No, it is not. My dolls never had dirty diapers and never woke me up in the middle of the night over and over again, and I like my kids better than I liked my dolls. Also, being able to comfort your kids when they need it and teaching them and guiding them is a million times better than playing with dumb dolls.
What do you like about being a wife? I really like it when I can make Brian laugh. I love having a partner, someone to bounce ideas off, someone to raise my eyebrows with when one of our kids says a startling word. I love watching him grow as a father, a man, and a husband. It may not be as romantic as I had envisioned when we were engaged but marriage just seems to get better and better, even with our struggles, and yes, we have struggles. I guess I just feel like in marriage, you have this outside world that challenges you all the time and each time you're challenged and you win, it's like you're a real team and with each battle won, you've become stronger.
What are your goals and dreams? My biggest hope is that twenty years down the road, my kids think they had a good mom and a good childhood. I have big dreams for my photography business that's I'm not ready to share but which will require tons of hard work, dedication, and support from my family. I know that someday I want a house in the country with little barns and houses around the property, a home with tons of windows and natural light, a tire swing, and plenty of room for running and grandkids. I want Brian and I to take at least one vacation a year together, alone; and one a year with the kids. Mostly, I just really, really want to continue to be happy.
What else can you tell us about yourself that I haven't asked you about? I talk too much, but I love telling stories so it's hard for me to stop, I do not understand football at all, and I really wish I like more kinds of fruit.
If you had it to do all over again, what might you do differently? Not one single thing.

There are some things that I could tell you about Beth that you probably don't know.

She and her sister, Sarah, entertain us every year with their SNL act:
She's totally quirky and fun:

She may or may not have a past that would surprise you (lol):

And, she's been an important family photographer for a long time:

And then there are the things that you do know. Beth is an amazing woman, loyal to her friends and family, and capable and willing to do whatever needs to be done. She's an incredible blessing to all of us and I thank God that I get to be part of her life.

Happy 34th birthday, Beth!


  1. Once again, I just LOVE your birthday posts. I really enjoyed the interview part, very interesting and funny. The pictures, of course, were awesome. I love the one of her and Brian together and she's wearing the long-sleeved gray shirt and short hair and she looks like she is 4. lol Also love the one of her earlier "photographer" days where she's holding the enormous camera. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Great post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!!!!!

  2. You do the best birthday posts ever. I don't know who is luckier, you for having Beth as your daughter or Beth for having you as her mom. You are both 10 shades of awesome in my book. Happy Birthday Beth!!

  3. I love this interview! Beth is an amazing woman! The photos? Awesome.

  4. Love this! Happy Birthday to both of you. :)

  5. Good God I make a good Ho.

    Thanks for this Mom. It was so much fun to read and see the photos and OMG, I was so skinny. Was that when I would eat a plain piece of bread when I was hungry? I need to start doing that again.

    Anyway. Great post. Good times.


  6. This was a fantastic interview! I love all the photos, too. I know you are so proud of Beth. And yes- she doesn't know what a messy house really looks like (well, she technically does since she's been to MINE so I don't know what she's talking about!)


  7. Loved this <3 Happy birthday to you both.

  8. When I heard it was going to be Beth's birthday I thought, "Oh, man! I want a birthday interview from her!" I'm so glad you did one. :)

  9. what a great post...she is an amazing woman. You did good Mary!

    Happy Birthday Beth!


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